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I call this piece “Thor in puppy jail”

Inspired by goodwinjn

Comparison between 730am and 130pm

Plus some seagulls that remind me of cats when they sit with tucked legs like that

How did I even communicate before snapchat

I SCORED 162 AND 150!!!!!

I am done with the GRE and soooooo ecstatic for my scores and now I’m gonna go home and take a nap

I arrived at the test center 15 minutes before they even open. The only other people in this building are maintenance workers

So I’m eavesdropping on them to distract from my anxiety




i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 










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Are you fucking kidding me

What have I done to the universe to deserve this

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And hating you won't make me suck any less,
Hating you won't make you suck any less

Just finished the first ETS practice test, and I have mixed feelings:

160 Verbal
147 Quantitative

Most programs I’m applying to average 162 for verbal and 158 for quant… BUT, my top program has cutoff/minimum scores of 160 and 148. Which is kind of hilarious, because I’m literally right on the edge for verbal and desperately clawing 1 point away from quant

Actually I’m reassured, because if I could get my quant score up by 1 point and juuuust get my foot in the minimum-score door then I can depend completely on letters/research/etc. which is where I’ve already placed most of my faith anyway

Less overanalysis more studying!

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So I saw Gogol Bordello at Hardly Strictly Music Festival. Here’s the song they opened with. That was such a great show. I would have made it to the mosh pit but SOMEBODY had to go to the bathroom. 

This is definitely the best tune on gogol bordello’s new album.

Pump up song for the day


We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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Why is he the best husband ever?


ok but for real how sad is it that the most dramatic thing to happen this season was someone being called a “froot loop dingus”

I’ll try and lighten the mood

While I was chopping veggies yesterday, I cut my finger (just a teeny little cut), and I’m being completely serious when I say my first thought was "I hope this doesn’t affect my GRE performance"

Obsession has risen to another level